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Nancy Hartney, freelance writer, short story author, scribbler, regional wordsmith, and photographer, offers all things written.  Her debut collection of short stories, Washed in the Water:Tales from the South, is available through Pen-L Publishers and Amazon.  Additionally, her work appears in various regional anthologies and western collections.

Her various equine-based news articles accompanied by photographs appear in The Chronicle of the Horse, Sidelines, and the Horseman's Round-up. Her book reviews have appeared in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram (Texas) and The Free Weekly(Arkansas), motorcycle touring articles and photographs in American Iron, general interest pieces in the Northwest Arkansas Times, and regional features in the Ozark Mountaineer and DoSouth. Her photographs have been featured by Storyteller Magazine and the North American Foxhunting calendar.

Nancy holds degrees from Florida State University (Tallahassee) and Texas Tech(Lubbock). Along the way, she has lived in north Florida, Georgia, southern California, Texas, and Arkansas.