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Roots in a Southern Landscape

A Creole beauty. Eccentric sisters and a black rose. One granny woman and a red button. Church B suppers and bingo nights. A poet out of his element. Dreams of Mexico. The shadow world of thoroughbred horseracing. A shapeshifting trickster. If the Creek Don't Rise is a collection of hard-used characters, tangled relationships, and family angst. Step into the Deep South and the lives of folk who offer nothing except grit- and, sometimes, love- as their currency.Available through Pen-L Publishing, Amazon, Nightbird Books, and independent bookstores via Ingram.

Set between 1950 and 1980, each vignette stares at an individual in the southern landscape. Old Leroy Jackson’s passion leads him to unexpected insight when he enters a coon hunting contest with a boy and runt hound in “Last Love.” Annually, a gathering of women and girls bake “More Than Fruitcake” for the holidays and pass on a tradition that holds dear the good and weak. Lester Groh, “The Stooper,” lives along racing’s underbelly. Billman and Sissy make a choice “The Day the Snake Got Killed” and learn about the ripple effect of actions. “The Fig Trees” touches the ripeness and desire of a mother, a woman friend, and her own daughter. Sarah lives in her sister’s shadow in “The Cane Grinding” until she realizes the power of choice. Lisa Dell’s river baptism washes away her innocence and gives her independence in the title story, “Washed in the Water.” You can find Washed in the Water at Amazon, Pen-L Publishing, Nightbird Books, and through independent booksellers across the country.

“The Bull and the Kitten,” Seven Hills Review 2015, looks eyeball-to-eyeball at the meaning of endurance. Available through

Set in Palo Duro Canyon of Texas, “A Matter of Respect” is a tale of racism and injustice. Look for Rough Country Volume 1 at High Hill Press.

Does a tree have soul? Perhaps. Read “The White Oak’s Tale” in The Best of Frontier Tales Volume 1 at Pen-L Publishing and Amazon.

First published in Echoes of the Ozarks VI by High Hill Press, my short story, “The Cane Grinding” is about the power of choice. Available at

Cactus Country Volume 1, an anthology of 39 tales, includes “Racing the Kentucky Mare.” Available from High Hill Press.

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