New things, old things

It feels good to get an old thing next to
a new thing because of how sure it is
that they’ll never turn into each other.

– from “All the Sciences” by Laura Eve Engel


  1. Nice quote, Nancy. I’ve been thinking about doing a blog on favorite quotes and asking all who visit my site to respond with one of their favorites, or a link, to one they like. My blog is over here, if you’d like to pop in for a visit


  2. Hi Nancy! Glad to see you joining us online 🙂 I saw that you’d followed my old blog, but I don’t do anything with it anymore except watch notifications to see when my friends have made replies to my comments on their blogs. If you haven’t found me at my new blog home, it’s and the only way to follow it is either via email or RSS feed. Unfortunately it’s not as easy to follow with it as it is with the old blog.


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