Bragging or Self Marketing?

Returning from a writer’s conference, I found myself super stressed with how much marketing an individual must do in cyberspace. Dozens of websites, help tools, and self promotion techniques were discussed, leaving me in a muddle.

I have found one common thread between conference discussions of internet marketing: Pick out one or two sites or social media and do those well. Don’t try to do everything. Thankfully, published this post which is low key and may prove helpful.

“In this day of social networking as an important plank in the writer’s platform, you may want to check out these two sites if you don’t already know about them.

Good Reads is a networking site for readers. You don’t have to be a writer to join and enjoy it, but as the creator of books, you couldn’t find a better place to hang. And if you are a writer, you can present your own books to people for whom reading is important.

The site AuthorsAdvance is geared especially to writers. It offers a “full-featured social network for writers, packed with tools to keep you organized and advice to keep you writing at your best.”

Check them out and let us know what you think:


  1. Yes, there seems to be a fine line between self-promotion and breaking your arm patting yourself on the back. I think the main thing is to get out there and splash around in the water a little just to let people know you exist. Your photos would make great conversation starters and a lead-in to discussions about books and writing.


  2. Love your blog. I think you do two social media things very well- your website and your blog. And keep writing because your writing is wonderful.


  3. Excellent comments and contacts. So often I come home from conferences and put the folder away that’s full of good ideas and launch into my next project. Thanks for not doing that and sharing things you learned.


    • Thanks, Marilyn. These days, in information overload, it’s way too easy to focus on the next conference or next meeting or next something while forgetting the info from the last event.


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