Totem poles tell tales

. . . that are reflected in Alaskan life and seasons.  Take the one about Fog Woman. She married Raven who came to live in her in the village. Unfortunately,  the village was starving at the time so Fog Woman asked her new mate to take his slaves and find food.  Raven went out huntingContinue reading “Totem poles tell tales”

Leaving the Lower 48 . . .

… aboard the the MV/Malaspina still resonates in my mind. Considering the size of the state, Alaska does not have many roads for vehicles. Coastal communities make up for this with the Marine Coast Highway and a fleet of ferries.  These workhorses carry walk-on passengers, vehicles, and cargo to small communities and villages sprinkled amongContinue reading “Leaving the Lower 48 . . .”

Kentucky, A Land Where Horses Reign

There’s something magical about a Kentucky morning. Sun yawning awake, a vibrating light, mist skimming the bluegrass, and miles of board fence. Times past, fencing always stood white, but these days it’s often creosote brown. Amble down to a race track and the scene morphs into something other worldly. Shapes, shrouded and gauzy, materialize beforeContinue reading “Kentucky, A Land Where Horses Reign”