My Writing Process Blog Tour. . .

.  .  .  my first ever Blog Tour.  Right off, I notice this is not like a live tour – no lost bags, no traffic jams, no tourist revenge.  On the other hand, no souvenirs, no exotic sights, no local wine, no regional taste treats.  Nonetheless, this tour has proved interesting.  First, a big thankContinue reading “My Writing Process Blog Tour. . .”

Shed row and the racing backside

Two minutes of glory and heartbreak.  That’s the Kentucky Derby.  But the thoroughbred racing world, racing industry, grinds along 24/7. Backside workers check on horses, measuring feed, filling hay nets, removing blankets, and other tasks before 5:00 a.m. every morning of the year.  Assistant trainers move through the shedrow watching, assessing their charges, assigning aContinue reading “Shed row and the racing backside”