Writers need readers. . .

books pens pages Bks n Bloom                                            By nature, writing and reading are solitary activities.  A critique group, the first place a writer meets a reader, fills that gap between being alone and person-to-person feedback.  A reading circle, critique group, or writing collective, while similar to herding cats, offers creative synergism through different perspectives as well as calisthenics for your writerly activities. They can become an indispensable tool, a gift from fellow travelers along your literary road. Explore the local community for in-person or online groups by checking out bullentin boards at the junior college, community center, public library, cyberspace, and word-of-mouth. Take advantage of writing conferences, regional gatherings, and local workshops to network with others in the pursuit of a group that fits your needs. Link-up. Utilize available resources. Write.


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