Lights of the Ozarks…

An array of tiny lights twined among tree branches glows. Red and green and blue and clear.  Fairy dust drifts across floats. Children bubble with laughter. Magic crackles in the air. The annual Lights of the Ozarks and Christmas Parade blooms into our best dreams and hopes and promises. Homegrown. Splendid. Neighbors. Friends. Family.  Best ofContinue reading “Lights of the Ozarks…”

Small town America. . .

The Veterans’ Day Parade around the Fayetteville (AR) Square was a Norman Rockwell painting of small town America. A middle school marching band played, our mayor in a fire truck bucket waved, and veterans from World War II through the Middle East conflicts displayed their colors. Master of ceremonies honored each service branch with itsContinue reading “Small town America. . .”