Places on a writing journey . . .

Old things and new things

Ever heard the adage “the more things change the more they remain the same”?   Here’s a change I’m loving.

The New York Times recently commented on a “new” art form—an audio story without a book. Case in point is Jeffery Deaver, author of 35-plus thrillers and “The Starling Project.” It’s a globe-hopping mystery produced as audio drama. That’s right, no print edition. Deaver has told his story as a test case for his fans and those listeners that crave a good tale told with sound effects.

This “new” art form reminds me of evenings at home around the radio enthralled by “Gunsmoke” with William Conrad’s voice as Matt Dillon. Who can forget the chills of the psychic vigilante known as “The Shadow” narrated by Orson Wells? Or the “Amos and Andy” comedy hour show? Even earlier, remember those ghost stories told dark of night around the campfire?

Stories told by the power of sound, old-time radio drama at its best reemerging as audio fiction or audio theater. I’m looking forward to the do-over, recycle, re-invent storytelling and other movements. Stay tuned. Up next may be small shops on side streets. Hard-back print books. Christmas cards in the mail. Homemade jam. Family gardens. Home chicken flocks. Thank you notes. Gotta smile.

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