A Second Chance . . .

The Chinese New Year dawns February 19. It’s the Year of the Sheep. Since I failed to make any 2015 New Year’s resolutions, I’m jumping at the opportunity for a second chance.

Here goes:

Resolution 1:  Read more. Listen for dialogue. Examine plot. Find well developed, dimensional characters. Get lost in books.

Resolution 2: Try different formats for ‘reading.’  Explore e-device or tablet readers, audio books and print editions. Find a time of day that works best with each format.

Resolution 3:  Write.  Wrestle the active verb into all things written. Spend time at the keyboard. Love new words. Use them with abandon. Keep paper and pencil on every available surface for scribbling thoughts.

Resolution 4: Discuss. Talk about books with fellow readers. Treasure and use critique group feedback. After all, it’s a gift from fellow wordsmiths.

Resolution 5: Actively work on the above resolutions. Dr. Seuss said it best: The more you read, the more things you know, the more you learn, and the more places you’ll go.



  1. Hope you find this comment…just read your story in Rough Country. I loved your story and relished your impressive writing!


    • Thanks for the shout out, Claudia. Glad to hear you enjoyed “Matter of Respect” in Rough Country. I love horses and the history around the Palo Duro Canyon in Texas.


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