Vertigo…or Something Like It

poets roundtableEver stand on a cliff precipice and look down?  Feel the fear and exhilaration? That’s me  when I send work off to a publisher.

I write ‘The End’ and another collection of tales undergoes editing, design layout, and finally, emerges in the hands of a reader with cover and dedication completed. A feeling akin to vertigo takes over.

Not until a reader says ‘I read your book’ does the entire process take on a different life. Not until a reviewer pokes and pulls the sentences apart and lures readers does the book’s coloration emerge. Not until finally, I spot my stories, neatly bound on a bookstore or library shelf, can I sigh relief. Set free, the book moves beyond recall, stands on its own.

A collection of short stories, flash fiction, original sketches, and post card fiction is scheduled out November 2016. I’m still mulling over the title. Stay tuned.

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