Postcards Are Old-fashioned Fun

Here’s a  stay-in-touch way to practice writing:   Send picture cards through the U.S. Postal Service.

Several steps are  involved. Buy the card, get a stamp and drop it off in a mailbox. Best part, the person on the other end gets a small surprise tucked in among their bills and junk flyers.  The extra steps also say thinking about you more than a tweet or FB post.  Will it replace our cyber efforts? In a word, No. A card can’t replace the speed and convenience of cyberspace, but it is more personal.

Postcard fiction is the latest writing endeavor to crop up. Tucked in with flash fiction, short-short pieces, 100-word tales, and story-in-six words,  postcard fiction offers readers a different coffee cup read and writers a new tool in their craft box.  Try it.

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