Remember the Little Engine That Could?

I have managed to become a published poet. That’s where The Little Engine That Could comes in. It may be a children’s tale but out of the mouths of babes, comes wisdom.

“April 30, 1975: An Ending with Footnotes” has been selected for May publication by Dash Literary Journal, California State University, Fullerton, in the essay/hybrid category.  The work is based on the last day the United States military was in Vietnam and calls attention to that era as well as reflects on subsequent wars. “April 30, 1975” was a bit unusual, being a mix of poetry, news facts, and final thoughts about Vietnam.

“Before the Kudzu” will be published in the 2018 Spring issue of Stonecrop Magazine, a publication of the College of Western Idaho, Nampa, Idaho. I call this a memory poem.

The online journal Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Washington, North Carolina, will publish three  poems in July: “The Honeymoon, “Things We Collect,” and “If You Walk Long Enough (with apologies to Alice of Wonderland).”

The wisdom of this posting – don’t give up. Keep writing. Keep reading.

You can read more at my author’s website.

Nancy Hartney

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