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Two recent fun things have happened for me—FiftyWords picked up a flash fiction piece I wrote and Osher Institute Life Long Learning has my card making class on their June docket.

Here’s the deal: FiftyWordStories has to be exact. As Tim the site manager says, not 49, not 51, not even 48. Fifty on the nose. You can find my piece at with a quick scroll down to January 15, 2019.  With no shame whatsoever, I ask you to ‘like’ my tale, Dust. Since this is out of Canada, I can now claim international author status…

I’m an advocate of writing cards and mailing (!!) them via U.S.Postal Service. Getting a personal, handwritten card is a small, surprise gift. Couple that with making the card, writing a short message, and folding the envelope and it’s says YOU are sooooo special. Sign up for the Osher LLL craft class happening June 5. Heck, sign up for lots of classes.

Published by Nancy Hartney

Nancy Hartney's debut novel hits the shelves 2021. If You Walk Long Enough is a tale of a return from the Vietnam War to a place that is no longer home and the people have become strangers. It is a tale of psychic pounding, of the twists and turns of relationships, of upheaval, and survival. Her previous two short story collections set in the South—'Washed in the Water: Tales from the South' and 'If the Creek Don’t Rise: Tales from the South' continue to be available in bookstores and public libraries. Hartney writes poetry and magazine articles. Her work can be found in various regional publications, horse magazines, and national poetry journals. She often serves as writing contest judge, workshop leader, and presents author readings at libraries and book clubs. She is a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Ozarks Writers League (MO), Tallahassee Writers Association (FL), Ozark Creative Writers (AR), and two local critique groups. Her books are available in print and e-format as well as audio.

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