Remember Sound of Music and a few favorite things?

nightbird-tableMy favorite things about the writing life are simple. Road trips. Books, old and new. Author friends. Readers. A like-minded tribe. Coffee. Bookstores. Pencils.  An almost-October Friday unfolded with a road trip when author friend, Brenda Black, and I drove to a quaint bookstore, Bookish, in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Erin Wood of Et Alia Press (a small press for big voices) and store co-owners Sara Burns Putnam and Jennifer Battles presented.

Erin talked about her book Women Make Arkansas, which includes a section on Bookish owners Sara and Jennifer. The co-owners then discussed relationship styles via the enneagram template garnered from books in the store. Friends and readers gathered to hear about Arkansas women and to uncover their personal relationship style while they nibbled cookies and drank lemonade.

Bookish (an indie shop for folks who read)  carries all the latest titles by well-known authors and Arkansas wordsmiths. The award winning Black and Kiddo, A True Story of Dust, Determination, and Cowboy Dreams by Brenda Black and If the Creek Don’t Rise: Tales from the South by Nancy Hartney (yep, that’s me) are two local voices on their shelves.

I loved the drive to Ft. Smith crossing the rivers, discovering an old-new fashioned bookstore, and meeting other bibliophiles. Just saying, a few of my favorite things…

Published by Nancy Hartney

Nancy Hartney's debut novel hits the shelves 2021. If You Walk Long Enough is a tale of a return from the Vietnam War to a place that is no longer home and the people have become strangers. It is a tale of psychic pounding, of the twists and turns of relationships, of upheaval, and survival. Her previous two short story collections set in the South—'Washed in the Water: Tales from the South' and 'If the Creek Don’t Rise: Tales from the South' continue to be available in bookstores and public libraries. Hartney writes poetry and magazine articles. Her work can be found in various regional publications, horse magazines, and national poetry journals. She often serves as writing contest judge, workshop leader, and presents author readings at libraries and book clubs. She is a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Ozarks Writers League (MO), Tallahassee Writers Association (FL), Ozark Creative Writers (AR), and two local critique groups. Her books are available in print and e-format as well as audio.

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