If You Walk Long Enough novel, Military Jargon and Vietnam

Every discipline has a language exclusive to their “in-group.” Usually that language is rich and descriptive, often providing sharp insight into the members.             While my novel If You Walk Long Enough does not take place in Vietnam, there are ghosts who follow protagonist, Reid Holcombe, home. His flashbacks provide a peephole into him andContinue reading “If You Walk Long Enough novel, Military Jargon and Vietnam”

Ana and the Monster

For seven years Ana, my Belgium-Quarter Horse-cross, and I explored the fields, woods, and country roads around our home. Her great chestnut-white spotted body was familiar to neighbors up and down the area.              One day her usually calm demeanor seriously unraveled. During that afternoon trot down our gravel road, locally known as Tilly WillyContinue reading “Ana and the Monster”

Feeling the Monsoons, Thinking Vietnam, and Dry Season Woes

Summertime 2019 and toad-drowning rain pelted Arkansas for weeks. My yard and flowers became a jungle. Just so happens, I’ve finished my debut novel set against a backdrop of Vietnam. This year’s torrential rains and storms were perfect touchstones for that country’s monsoons. But with the approach of autumn, the dry season dominates and hard,Continue reading “Feeling the Monsoons, Thinking Vietnam, and Dry Season Woes”

Scouting for a Publisher

             My debut novel has a title, at least, a working label—If You Walk Long Enough. Author Lewis Carroll helped with this during a conversation in his book, Alice in Wonderland, between Alice and the Cat:                         ‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’                         ‘That depends aContinue reading “Scouting for a Publisher”