Corona’s the Name

Here’s another thing to think about with this coronavirus pandemic–beer. Yep, that cool stuff from Mexico served with a lime called Corona.

In the interest of helping a sister country Mexico, take a virtual tour of a beach (any beach that is on your bucket list or one of your favorites) and lean back with a Corona. And, a lime. With salsa and chips. Great way of spitting in the eye of this virus.

Image result for corona beer


  1. Clever. The imaginary world has shifted into overdrive–which is the natural world of writers. Moving here from an island off the North Carolina coast–going there in my mind, sitting on the deck, hearing the waves, and seeing the faint light flashing from a distant light house — ahhhhh. Enjoy your beer. Virtual drinking with your friends.


    • Ahhhhh is right. Just lean back and hear the waves. Bet you are thinking of your NC island daily….

      *Nancy Hartney, Author* * * * *


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