A Southern Culinary Law and Side-dish: Cole Slaw aka Slaw

There’s no way you can have barbeque, fried catfish, or fried chicken without cole slaw as a side dish. Sometimes it’s simply called slaw. For all I can determine, it’s a culinary law in the South, that slaw is not only served with these main dishes, but is also present at church potluck suppers andContinue reading “A Southern Culinary Law and Side-dish: Cole Slaw aka Slaw”

Tobacco Barns: Silent Testimony

Sometime around 2012, fifty plus years after leaving, I went back home to Madison County, Florida. My high school reunion was scheduled and, although the family was gone, I had an urge to visit friends, touch roots, and see what had become of the old farm. Years back, my family grew brightleaf tobacco under aContinue reading “Tobacco Barns: Silent Testimony”

Vietnam, Traditional Clothing, and Women

            There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, each with unique and specific clothing styles. For example, ethnic people on the plateau dress in colorful attire while the plainspeople tend to dress simply using natural fibers such as silk, hemp, and cotton. Peasants across the country often wear pajama-like costumes, in the South consisting ofContinue reading “Vietnam, Traditional Clothing, and Women”