Bill McCloud Earns Third Woody Guthrie Award

When  Bill McCloud returned from Vietnam, he began sorting out what to do with his life. His war experience, added to his love of history and affair with words, eventually coalesced into a life path. A three-time winner of the Woody Guthrie Poet Award (2019, 2018, 2017), he is as plain as the red dirtContinue reading “Bill McCloud Earns Third Woody Guthrie Award”

One Step Closer to the Shelves

If You Walk Long Enough is one step closer to being published and placed on bookstore and library shelves. One step closer to being available for personal purchase and gift giving. The gift part is timely with the holidays just around the corner. Adults that lived through the Vietnam War, millennials that never knew the conflict,Continue reading “One Step Closer to the Shelves”