There are a lot of animals in my novel If You Walk Long Enough. They played small and large parts in the lives of Reid, Angela, and Ellie. Their animals are based on those that have shared my life.  I love animals and enjoy making them important for my characters. Here are additional thoughts about critters:

  • Some believe that if you dream about a white cat, good luck will follow.
  • Black Cat Appreciation Day happens August 17. A black cat, adopted from the local shelter, lives at my house. Reid and Angela have a black cat in addition to several others.
  • August 26, 2020 is National Dog Day. Can you think of a better way to celebrate than contributing to your local animal shelter?
  • The technical term for a cat’s hairball is a “bezoar.”  It sounds better than hairball but feels the same when stepped on in the dark.
  • Mules are a hybrid cross between a mare and a donkey. They are smarter than horses and less obstinate than donkeys.  The mule in my novel no longer works on the farm but Angela keeps that mule out obligation.  
  • Forty acres and a mule for freedmen – another government promise gone awry.
  • Global Cat Day happens on October 16.
  • Rin Tin Tin, the famous German Shepherd star, was nominated for an Academy Award. He didn’t win but considered it quite an honor to be nominated.
  • Well known cat stars include Sylvester and Garfield. Lots of laughs but no Academy Award.
  • Seventy percent of people sign their dog’s name on their holiday cards. Some even sign a cat’s name.  Why not jolly it up and sign both?

While you are waiting to read the novel, If You Walk Long Enough, think about all the animals that have entered your life. Remember the joy and aggravation.  Farm dog Bugle the beagle, yard mutt Grover, and Rosie, a calico house cat, are modeled on real critters that have shared time with me. Bluetick hound Pretty Sal is a composite of the hounds I’ve thrilled to when their rich bay echoed in hollers. Even the molly (that’s a female mule) and Pansy the milk cow enriched my life as a kid. Gotta smile. Where would folks be without furry family?


  1. Wonderful post, Nancy! I agree that loving all animals make our lives better. (except alligators and snakes.) The other day I watched the movie Babe because I needed a break from humans. 🙃. Delightful and insightful movie. Thanks, again, for sending your post! Be well and stay safe, Joan Reid

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