Vertigo…or something like it

Ever stand on a cliff precipice and look down?  Feel the exhilaration and fear?

When I finish a book—be it a collection of short stories or now my debut novel—those feelings take over.

And then, when a publisher selects the book for publication, my thoughts and feelings intensify as the process of editing, revising, formatting, design layout, and cover selection begins.    

If You Walk Long Enough, my debut novel, was released February 24, 2021.

The title is taken from a conversation between The Cat and Alice in Wonderland. Alice is lost and asks The Cat which way to go. She says she really doesn’t care where she goes, she simply needs to get someplace.

The Cat responds, “You are sure to get someplace if you walk long enough.” 

Returning from Vietnam, Reid Holcombe, the main character in the novel, cannot decide what direction to take. Old ghosts from Vietnam linger. The Civil Rights movement is roiling. His sister has been widowed. The family farm is sliding into bankruptcy. His wife Ellie … well, she has changed also. Everything about the home he left three years prior is irrevocably different.

When a person says, “I read your book,” that bundle of paper and time, moves beyond recall, stands on its own, becomes part of the greater cosmos.

 If You Walk Long Enough is available through The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, Ingram Distributors, and local booksellers. The novel is a historical narrative about loss, love, and survival.


  1. Hi Nancy, Is your book available only via Kindle or will there be a physical book to order? I just went to pre-order it, but I don’t have a Kindle.

    Looking forward and congratulations, Joan Reid

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  2. Reblogged this on My World With Words and commented:
    Some of you know I’m in a writing group, and yet another of my fellow writers has published a novel. Nancy Hartney is an incredible writer–she’s already published two short story collections–and this is her debut novel. Read on to learn about it in her own words.


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