Hot. Simply Hot.

Dog Days of Summer – those times so hot even the cats are unwilling to go outside.

Different folks suggest different beginning and ending dates. Generally they begin in July and end by mid-August.

The days are marked by heat, bad luck, thunderstorms, and lethargy. Sirius, the dog star, signals the period that is the most uncomfortable of summer–at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky and the chief star in the Canis Major or the Greater Dog constellation. There’s much more to learn about the temperature, constellations and dog days. But, frankly, I’m too hot to go on.

Vietnam is another story filled with sweat, heat, and fury.


  1. Mad Dog days and Englishmen comes to mind when I think about the humidity and heat of summer. Writing that cats are too hot to go outside is humorous considering
    it’s dog days of summer.
    I always find Nancy Hartney’s writing to flow and draw me in to read more. I’m going to look through “If You Walk Long Enough” and find some more passages which are gems.


  2. I love hearing how people describe heat, for those times I need to. “Summer sun remained a brilliant, blinding white. No shade existed for miles and the heat rising up from the baked earth was brutal.”–that’s pretty good! I can’t remember where I found it but it’s wonderful.


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