Vietnam troubled me when classmates joined the morass. The news images troubled me nightly as I listened and watched the conflict unfold, grow, and change. Spouse and family members entered those dark days. Now, as my personal time winds down, I reflect on those years with short stories and a novel; with a poem.

Generations continue to debate wins, losses, and prices paid, Korea, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Evacuation images change with aircraft utilized, change from rooftops to runways. Lives crushed, resurrected, different cultures, struggling for connections.


  1. Thank you for your honest post, takes courage to speak out.
    The bombing of Hanoi leading to and through Christmas was very troubling.
    The lives lost and mangled in Viet Nam and now Afghanistan, extremely depressing. The broken families in these countries suffering for decades.
    Now nearing the 20th anniversary of 9/11,
    what have we learned and accomplished?


  2. Who said “Give me a novel–I want the truth?” Indeed, reality changes over time and with the viewer. I reflect again on the 1955 song by Pete Seeger and wonder where HAVE the flowers gone?


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