Four Star Review, Book Gift Idea

Bookshelves and Teacups (Tessie L.) kindly offered a review of my debut novel, If You Walk Long Enough. I really like the format she used and the sparse, direct critique. The review was at my request and was free.

Here are the first few lines of the review:

If You Walk Long Enough is the story of Reid, a veteran who just came home from Vietnam; it’s the story of Eleanor, who married Reid before his deployment and has a secret she’s not ready to share; it’s the story of Joe, of Angela, of Diana, and Linh.

With the holidays just around the corner, consider this debut novel as a gift for a friend. Or better yet, a gift for yourself. It was the featured author talk November 4 by the Springdale Public Library (AR) recognizing National Novel Writing Month and Veterans Day. My short story collections, If the Creek Don’t Rise and Washed in the Water, also have several stories of veterans and Vietnam. These books are available at your local bookstore and Amazon. Additionally, the two collections are available through Pen-L Publishing.

Check out the If You Walk Long Enough review and the Bookshelves and Teacups blog site; it also offers editing services. I checked that out after mulling over the review. Here’s a direct link to Bookshelves and Teacups. See what you think.

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