New Year’s Resolutions?

Naturally, there will be resolutions. This time I’m setting myself up for success by taking the year in segments. First up are resolutions ONLY for the first three months of 2022. That’s all I can manage honestly. Pretty dry and straight forward plans that are hopefully manageable.

  1. Write several lines of poetry or revise a previously written verse daily; all seven pieces to be posted in my notebook by Monday evening, a tip of the hat to 2021 Zoom meetings with critique group.
  2. Complete a chapbook poetry DIY for publication by Spring. No month specified as a hedge on my resolutions… humm.
  3. Revise story arc of current novel The Blue Bottle Tree; print out chapters for revision and input from beta readers.
  4. Draft a synopsis for novel in-progress and a back cover blurb; look for publishers and push this to another level
  5. Weed, replant, and rethink flower beds; nurture redbuds & dogwoods; plan differently for pots and their plants.
  6. READ– read novels, nonfiction, and poetry. Read my magazines–especially the professional journals– cover to cover the first week after arrival.
  7. Walk dog regardless of weather; other exercise is a bonus.

After the first three months, I’ll assess and see if there are reasonable resolutions for another quarter. If yes, on I go. If no, I’ll rest on a first quarter success. There’s always 2022.


  1. Hi Nancy, I admire your resolve and will look forward to updates. You inspire me and force me to rethink my own writing. You are disciplined but more so talented! Happy 2022 🍾❤️ Joan

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