Have you read Black Beauty?

Here’s a staple of my young adult reading about horses… See more of Black Beauty’s tale as posted by Anne Leueen.


Kathleen Walker-Meikle’s book, The Horse Book, has some background on the well known book Black Beauty. I loved this book as a child and thought I could share what she says about it here.

The novel Black Beauty was written by Ana Sewell ‘to induce kindness , sympathy and an understanding treatment of horses’. Sewell, who was disabled from a young age, became dependent on horse-drawn transport and respected the horses that did this work. The book was a strong call against contemporary cruelty to carriage horses. She particularly took against the bearing rein, which forced horses’ heads up high into an uncomfortable but fashionable position. The book became an international bestseller when published in 1877. It is narrated by Black Beauty, the horse, whose adventures as a carriage horse form the basis of the novel. Other horses that make an appearance include the cab-horse Captain (an old war-horse who…

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