Thoughts on Reading

This is not an original thought with me, but I like it. Reading is like traveling.

We travel to see and better understand other peoples and other lands. We taste different foods, hear a different language, and experience other textures. In doing so, we met ourselves. We gather in different information. In short, we change.

Reading a book, especially books by international authors, various regional authors, and those in different professions, doing different jobs, throws new light on lives. Likewise, we go to places different than our own. (No tasting by reading a book, but cookbooks make it a possibility.) Reading familiar authors in places we know, helps to reinforce and bind us to our roots.

A non-fiction book, a biography, or a political tome throws open the doors to our mind. How far we venture out the door into a world of facts, or new thoughts, is a personal choice.

Books are a tool through which the world belongs to the reader.


  1. You definitely place a different slant on “the arm chair traveler.” 👍
    Reading books from different cultures and eras are both a challenge and eye-opening.
    Thank you for this post!


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