If You Walk Long Enough, soon to be published debut novel. From the Vietnam War, coming back to a place that isn’t home anymore at the intersection of the Civil Rights and Women’s Movements. It’s a story of about survival…and love.


creekdontrise_frontsm_10-2 Tales set in the Deep South of hard-used characters who offer nothing except grit—and, sometimes, love—as their currency. Available through Pen-L Publishing, Amazon, and independent bookstores.
Washed In The Water Set between 1950 and 1980, each vignette stares at an individual in the southern landscape. Hard lives, daily survival, and lessons about living reverberate among the characters. Available through Pen-L Publishing, Amazon, and independent booksellers.
books Five free verse poems, three journals:  “April 30, 1975: An Ending with Footnotes” selected by Dash Literary Journal, California State University, Fullerton, speaks of the last day the United States  had a presence in Vietnam. “Before the Kudzu” published by Stonecrop Magazine, College of Western Idaho, Nampa, tells of love and time. Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Washington, North Carolina, published “The Honeymoon,” “Things We Collect,” and “If You Walk Long Enough (with Apologies to Alice of Wonderland).”
7 hills cover 2015 “The Bull and the Kitten,” Seven Hills  Review 2015, looks eyeball-to-eyeball at  the meaning of endurance. Available through
high hill press rough country Set in Palo Duro Canyon of Texas, “A Matter of Respect” is a tale of racism  and  injustice. Look for Rough Country  Volume 1 at Amazon. Authors in this issue include Brett Cogubrn, Amy Hale Auker, Dusty Richards, and others. 
White Oaks Tale Does a tree have soul? Perhaps. Read “The White Oak’s Tale” in The Best of Frontier Tales, Volume 1 at Pen-L Publishing and Amazon. Authors also published this issue include Pamela Foster, J.B. Hogan, Dusty Richards,  Ellen Gray Massey, and others. 
high hill press First published in Echoes of the Ozarks  VI, my short story, “The Cane Grinding,” is a coming of age tale. Look for it at
Cactus Country - High Hill Cactus Country Volume 1 is an anthology  of 39 tales including “Racing the  Kentucky Mare” available from  

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